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00:00:00 Intro
03:21 Vending Machine
04:52 Print on need company
06:18 actual estate investment company
07:31 Rent a room on Airbnb
08:28 Invest in a local business as a quiet companion
11:31 License your photos
12:52 Monetise your ideas
13:48 Affiliate Marketing
15:10 Put some advertisements on your vehicle
16:14 Government bonds
18:22 Dividends
28:01 Best Dividend Stock: Microsoft
30:48 Best Dividend Stock: Johnson & Johnson
32:14 Best Dividend Stock: Apple
34:04 Best Dividend Stock: Lowe’s.
35:42 Best Dividend Stock: The Home Depot.
39:17 Businesses.
40:29 Royalties.
42:18 Mutual Finds.
43:32 Skill.
44:34 Real Estate.
45:41 Online Products.
46:27 Connections.