72 Essential features for eCommerce website that you should know


eCommerce wordpress theme

An ecommerce site has many features. But which of these are the most essential? Is your site missing any important one? It is often hard to answer these questions even for an expert designer. Though the standard features of an ecommerce site are pretty well known, it is not uncommon to see that even big sites are missing one or two important points.

My friends at WebAlive, have created an infographic that presents 72 essential features of any ecommerce website in a very convenient way. Each ecommerce site is different. But the presentation of the infographic shows that general features that any site owner will find applicable.

The focus of the infographic is to give you the fine points that define a good user experience for your online store. It is more or less a visual presentation of an ideal ecommerce site with the basic structures all the pages, such as – Home, Product page, Category page, Checkout page and Blog. Though the final details of your site don’t need to be as same as this infographic, by taking a look at it you can easily get an idea of what goes where.

Whether you are building a new ecommerce site or redesigning your existing one, you will certainly find this infographic to be a great reference.

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