Mon. May 16th, 2022

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In this video I go over one of my first ever successful stores and how I was making hundreds of dollars a day without any ad spend at all using instagram!

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The Script:

Hey (name)😁❤️We love your account and would love for you to join our ambassador program,basically what we can do for you is give you your own 25% off discount code that gives you 25% off our whole store whenever you want (For your use only). Then we give you your own 10% off code pass around to friends and family! And if you get 2 people to order from we gift you with any product you want for free! Let me know if you would like to accept this opportunity 👍

Awesome! lets get started!!! Your a perfect fit for the team!!!All we ask is once we give you your 10% off discount code. It would be great if you could put it on your account through your, bio, instagram Astory, or post!! Tagging
our account or linking our website 🙂 Then once we give you your 25% off code you shop around and order some items from our shop that you love!!! if that sounds good let me know and Ill get your codes ready❤️

Im so glad you took this opportunity, big things are coming for you , you can use these codes to spread the word and become an ambassador 👍
Okay! ❤️ your personal 25% off code is:
And your 10% off code for friends and family is:

They are both active now! After you place your first order, DM us to get your code customized to say whatever you would like! ❤️Feel free to ask any questions!!