About Us


Yes, and welcome to our site.

I am glad you stopped by but also am happy to answer the question of  why are we 100PercentCommissionMarketers.com?

Why not? We feel if “you make it, you should keep it – 100%”!  Enough said or shall we go on? If No, go on and enjoy the featured program at this link. If not, keep reading and hope we can convince you to only note our brand and partner with some of our featured programs to do business with..!

There are a lot marketing and make money online affiliate programs that either offer a full commission or high commission or some other tired ole tagline.  Once you get involved with them, you soon find that they are not quite what you expected or are ‘as advertised’. The worst of them are the ones that have you wait to get paid in 10 or 20 or sometimes even 60 days, and when they do pay – you only get a percentage of the sale or benefit. We are 100% commission paid, true 100% – paid weekly too.

Again, “you make it, you should keep it – 100%”.

Now, I’ve said enough as instead of writing a long bit of content on how, why and when, check out the info here and if you are still not interested (not sure why one would not be interested in 100% commission – but hey) no harm, no foul.

To Your Success,