Thu. May 19th, 2022

Hello loyal Future Buzz readers! I hope you’ve been enjoying the updates from my good friend Ed Zitron (who you now know well). The site is in great hands with him. I felt awful leaving my subscribers after deciding I’d wanted a break from blogging which is why I was so happy he took over as editor, keeping the spirit of this site alive with actually interesting and useful views on a sector that is typically an endless parade of lukewarm takes and unimaginative thinking. If you already subscribe here but don’t yet follow him on Twitter as well, your feed is incomplete without his daily wit and musings on our mad world.

The world has gone a bit crazy since I’ve last written here to you all hasn’t it? I assure you these things are not connected, and that we’ll emerge stronger once the pandemic is contained and we can all go back to normalcy. Despite obvious deficiencies in global leadership we are all greater than any one person or bad decision(s) and will endure. The planet and society are resilient. We made it this long, this time is not different (it’s actually the same story that’s played out before and will again).

On to today’s news: if you’re a longtime reader here and want my thoughts in video format, I’m back to invite you to subscribe to my newly launched video blog on YouTube. That’s here, and of course just launched so only a few videos so far. But Rome wasn’t built in a day, and it’s fun to start projects from the beginning and have at least some people take the whole journey with you. Subscribing and seeing progress is half the fun (if you don’t subscribe to channels on YouTube yet, you should try, best use of the platform is to use it to view just like you would RSS). In my opinion this is the future of how video will be consumed, the experience is much better than say, Netflix or Hulu.

First video below, (or click here) on the topic of remote work which I’ve written on here before at least tangentially. Also in case you missed it, I’m coming to you live from Austin (I left San Francisco which apparently was worth a news story, must have been a pretty slow day).

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