Mon. May 16th, 2022

How Long to Make Money Blogging | My First Income Reports | By Sophia Lee Blogging


➥ $12,379.67 In May 2019 -
➥ $7,814.89 In April 2019 –
➥ $6,053.18 In February 2019 –
➥ $9,349.60 In January 2019 –
➥ $3,168.17 In October 2018 –
➥ $2,553.85 In September 2018 –
➥ $2,149.98 In August 2018 –
➥ $788.88 In July 2018 –

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This is honestly one of my most asked questions and it’s how long did it take to make money from your blog. Luckily I documented every single penny those first few years which I’m so glad about because it’s soo interesting to look back on 🤯🤯

I’m giving you the raw numbers of how much money i made the first two years of blogging. Also explaining to you the main things i focused on year after year to monetize my blog.

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