Sun. May 22nd, 2022

Make $100 A Day Sending Emails With This 1 Trick

I'm going to show you how you can make $100 every single day using
just sending emails. Check this out. I'm going to show you how to do this. This is
something you can do for free. This is something that works in any different
country around the world. And you can do this no matter what age you are. This is
easy people. Check this trick out. It's so amazingly simple. You're going to love it.
Okay, so let's come down to my computer right here and I'm going to show you how
this little trick works. Now, I'm going to show you 2 ways you can actually use
this trick. I'm figuring you don't want to have do product support. You don't
want to have to sign legal agreements. You don't want to have to do any sales
and you don't want to spend any money on any ads or any software or any of that
stuff and don't worry. This is… Everything I'm going to show you is completely free.
You don't need to buy any products. You don't need to you know do any drop
shipping or sales or any of that stuff. This is something you can do very simply
from the computer. Now, for my friends in Africa
and in Pakistan Bangladesh and North Korea, you won't be able to use the main
site I'm going to talk about but you will be able to use this company called
digistore24. So, you can apply for this affiliate Network and sign up to get
links to different affiliate products there. But I'm not going to talk about
this for the rest of time. You can just google this site. I'm going to go into
Clickbank because this is the main program we're going to be talking about.
This is an affiliate network. It's Clickbank, not quickbank. But you can't
make quick Bank. And you're going to create an account right there, okay? So, just big
arrow. Go create account. And once you have a create an account…
Okay, now once you signed up for Clickbank, you will come to a screen that
looks sort of like this. Now ,what you'll do is you'll actually go up here to
the marketplace, okay? Right there. And click that button. You can type in my
name -Crestani. And search for my product and it will show up right like
this. Or you can actually just click the search button and it'll show you all of
the products that you can sell in within Clickbank and make money from. So, you see, "You can
make $33 selling this product. You can make $800 selling this product. You can
make $57 selling this product." We're going to go to page 2, right
here and we're going to select my product right here which is super
affiliate system. And you're going to want to click this page –the affiliate page.
See this? The affiliate page right here, okay? Now, once you are on my affiliate
page, this is a page that explains to you about how much money you'll make selling
my product and you have a lot of different stuff for emails and ads and
just a lot of different kind of exclamations or explanations for
different types of affiliate marketers that work with me. But we're not
going to deal with any of that. What you're gonna do is you're going to
go right at the top right up here, okay? This area right here. And you're going to
enter in your Clickbank ID that you use which is your account username right
there. So let's say your Clickbank ID was "zzzzz". You click update and what you'll
be given is you'll be given an affiliate link right there and it will say and
you'll want to click this section right here which says "promote your link
through social media and email" right there. Now, up will pop a screen where you
can log in. You can connect with Facebook or Google. It doesn't matter or you could
enter in a name and an email. Now once you've entered in your name and your
email, it will show you this screen which says share your link with everyone you
can. And remember, the more you share your link the more Commission's you make. Now,
you can totally share your link on all of these platforms if you want but we're
worried about one thing which is this one right here. Sharing your link via
email. So what you're gonna do is you're going to click that button and you are
going to go right here where it says "import contacts", okay? Right there. So once
you click import contacts, it'll show you Gmail or Yahoo. Now, if you use either of
these 2 service providers, you can just simply select it and it will import all
of your contacts for you. You don't have to do any copying pasting. If you don't
have Gmail or Yahoo for email, what you'll do is you'll literally… You get
every single email address that you have, okay? Every single email address in your
contacts list or people you've emailed or any email address you can come across
and you're going to enter it in, in here. So you're going to say, you know… "Buddyguy@ Then you'll put a comma and then you'll say like, and whoever else. And you'll just keep going onwards and
onwards. You don't need to enter in anything in the custom message area. And
what this is going to do is this will send an email for you so you can start
getting clicks to your affiliate link. Now, how you can verify that you are
getting clicks on your affiliate link is you'll want to go back to Clickbank.
You'll want to go back to Clickbank after you've post your link and go to
this tab which says "reporting", okay? And it should put you under the analytics
tab right there. And you know, wait a day or so. Okay? You want to wait a day or at
least 12 hours to actually check this but you should start seeing some
clicks or what Clickbank calls it hops on your link. And this is one of my
affiliate accounts I'm logged in to where I did this. And you can see 266
clicks. And as you can see, I have 10 sales right here and I made $2,200
with a $591 recurring using
this method. So, it's very easy to do. Very fast. So that's all there is to it. It's
pretty easy. Now, if that seemed like, "Whoa that's
to easy." Try it out. Try it out and check and go into Clickbank and check to see
if you're getting hops. If you're getting order form impressions and if you're
getting sales. Now, roughly one in 10 hops becomes an order form impression.
And roughly one in 10 order form impressions become a sale. So you want to
get at least a hundred clicks before you would expect a sale. But that's a cool
$500. So make sure try to send this out to at least 100
people because if you send this out to at least 100 people, you should get
at least one sale using this method. But try it out, have fun. And if you got
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with you soon in the next video. And as always, folks, please drop out of school.
Quit your job. Take back control of your life. Turn off the notifications on your
phone so that don't allow yourself to be used by social media anymore and start
using the Internet and these tools like email and social media as ways to earn
you money and earn you freedom. We are entering the greatest era of time
because you can go back to working for yourself. There's no reason to get a job.
There so many ways to earn a living for yourself.
You can do this, okay? So make sure you subscribe to my channel. Talk to you soon.
Let's get this. I'll see you in the comments.