Thu. May 19th, 2022

Make Money from Google with NO WEBSITE? [Affiliate Marketing 2021 Hack]

– Making money from Google with absolutely no website.
Today, I'm gonna go against some of my core principles
that I've been showing you guys, which is,
I always talk about building a list,
but this time I'm only showing you
this affiliate marketing hack
that is working really, really well right now,
which is basically, how do you make money
through affiliate marketing by getting ranked
on Google with actually no website,
just by applying these principles.
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Hey, this is Peng Joon here
and today in this very video,
I wanna walk you through some of the things that we found
that is working really well
just by utilizing these few sites.
In fact, we're going to head over to my laptop over here.
Let's take for a second, a competitive keyword.
Now, most of the time,
when people try to rank on the search engines,
what do they normally try to do?
They try to rank for a competitive keyword.
Let's take, for example,
if you wanted to promote a specific platform or tool
or software, for example, let's say ClickFunnels.
If you were to try to rank for a keyword,
like, how does clickfunnels work?
Let's take a look.
There is about 1.65 million results
and you will see that from this result that I'm looking at,
if you try to rank utilizing the traditional method,
notice that it's going to be extremely competitive.
However, notice that on the first page,
there's also two main things that's happening.
Number one is search results that directs you to YouTube.
That's number one.
And number two, take a look at this one over here.
You'll see that there's a result from this site, Quora,
which is a site that people love to use to ask questions
that Google absolutely loves.
So in other words, Google sees it as a huge authority.
So rather than trying to build this site from scratch,
what if you could lend and borrow quora's authority?
Let's take a look at this.
This question that is on quora is on,
does anyone use ClickFunnels. Is it worth it?
Now this ranks on the first page of Google for the keyword,
how does ClickFunnels work?
This number one result on quora for this keyword
has got seven upvotes.
Now what does quora use to determine
which to rank number one?
Two things.
Number one would be the quality of the answer.
Out of all of the answers, I believe that out of…
There are 27 answers.
And the number one answer is this answer here,
with seven upvotes.
Why does this rank number one?
Well, notice that uses bold, uses bullet points.
So it's easily digestible.
Sometimes some of them might even include images
like this one over here.
Think about, how can you format your posts?
How can you add bullet points?
How can you add images?
In some cases, utilize videos.
Now this one here, it looks like the video link is broken.
The question then is how you look for more articles
like this, because this is just one.
This just one question on ClickFunnels
out of the many questions that is posted in quora.
That brings us to our second resource.
And by the way, guys,
that's why if you were to watch till the end of this video,
you're gonna really start seeing
how you can get this competitive edge, slight sidebar.
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Back to this example over here.
The next thing that I do
is I utilize this site called Ahrefs.
This is a paid software,
but you can easily get the trial, utilize it for seven days,
do all the research that you need.
I think there's like a $1 trial.
What I do is, on Ahrefs, I will type in
What I will do next is, on this step,
I will type in the keyword that I wanna do that research.
Let's say, I wanna promote and be an affiliate for Shopify.
Now I'm doing a search and I'm waiting for them
to give me the results of all of the different questions
that is posted on Quora about Shopify.
Take a look at this.
What if this gives you clarity on number one,
the different keywords and content
that you could be utilizing and creating to rank for,
because you know that there's a demand for it?
But at the same time,
what if you could go into all these different links
which are really the questions that is posted on Quora
that is getting visibility, that is recent
so that you can start helping these people
answering their questions.
And what you're really doing then is from Quora.
You're sending people either to your link or your website
if you choose to.
I know that the whole theme of this video
was how to get ranked
and make money off affiliate marketing, no website.
It could be a website, it could be your YouTube video.
Notice what I'm doing right now.
If I were to utilize this example,
notice that I am going to Quora and before I go to Quora,
what I'm also doing is I'm doing my keyword research
and this is through Ahrefs.
And then I am looking at all of the different posts
that is on Quora.
Let's say there could be 1000 questions posted on Quora.
I wanna look at how recent they are,
how many searches are there.
So I know if it's hot,
then it's worthwhile for me to create content.
I wanna look at how many comments there is
to give me a rough gauge of by competition.
I wanna look at the ones that's being ranked number one
for these different questions.
What do they have in common?
Do they have this specific theme of how it's being answered?
Are there these bullet points
that seems to appear over and over again?
Does it link to a specific video?
In order to give me a really good gauge
on what it's proven to work.
What constantly ranks number one?
What is the recurring theme?
I'm getting all these different data in here right now,
so that I can go in and give a really good, concise,
detailed reply with good formatting and once I reply,
what am I gonna do?
I am going to make sure that I get my upvotes in
so that it gets pushed to number one.
Once that happens, the purpose of that
is to send people to the next step
and this is where if you wanna build something
that is longer term,
this could be a website where you get their name and email,
and then you build a list
and build a relationship to your list
and then eventually promote an affiliate product
where you monetize.
That is how the longer route is,
but more sustainable because now you're building a list
or you could even send them
straight to something that is yours.
This could be a YouTube video.
What if right now the thing that you're answering
is on Shopify?
And remember you're coming in here
and they're all these different Shopify keywords.
Shopify 60 day trial, shopify exchange,
oberlo versus shopify.
What does this tell you?
This tells you that you could put eventually create
a YouTube video that answers this keyword in real detail.
So for example, let's say this keyword
is called Shopify versus Oberlo, which is pretty recent.
What would I do?
I will create content that answers this question,
which is Shopify versus Oberlo and my call to action,
I can have a hyperlink that says
I actually created a tutorial that answers this in depth,
called Shopify versus Oberlo and guess what happens now.
Now, I'm able to ride on quora
and in my YouTube description, in my link,
what do you think is going gonna happen?
What's gonna happen is a couple of things.
Number one, because this is a keyword, rich, keyword.
This is going to be every week,
as long as these two softwares are relevant.
I'm now creating an asset
that's gonna live on for a really long time
but on top of that, how do I monetize?
How does this end up in monetization?
It would be my affiliate links for Shopify.
In this video what do I talk about?
I could give a really detailed step by step tutorial,
and then at the end of it, it would be…
By the way, if you still wanna go ahead with Shopify,
right below this video,
I've included the link to sign up for Shopify.
If you would like to sign up through my affiliate link.
Now, you're able to send them over here.
Notice that this gives you really, really good ideas
on these different keywords.
This could be your affiliate product.
Let's say if it's ClickFunnels, same thing over here.
If I wanted to promote click funnels, what would I do?
I go in here, I'm taking a look
at all of the different URLs.
I'm taking a look at the volume.
This gives me clarity on what keywords to target
so that I can send people over and create a YouTube video
and send people to a YouTube video.
This YouTube video can also send people to opt in of which
I'm now building a list,
which you heard me talk about
the importance of building a list
in my previous videos on the series.
And then in the follow up email sequence,
that is also when I can send people to the affiliate offer,
to the software, to the product, to the service,
whether it's a digital product,
whether it's a physical product.
This is where I could also notice that there's two things
that are asking of you.
It is to do your keyword research.
That's number one and number two,
to create content around that keyword
that people are searching for.
Finally, I'm gonna give you one last resource
that I love utilizing, and this is a free resource.
You don't have even have to sign up for anything.
It's called Answer The Public.
In Answer The Public, I can type in the keyword
to see what people are searching for.
Now, I can literally see all of the keywords,
how Shopify works.
You gotta to tilt your head a little bit.
Like how shopify payment works,
how shopify dropshipping works,
how shopify makes money.
All these.
Are shopify apps free,
shopify theme, shopify plan, shopify…
What does this tell me?
This tells you your keyword research
and what kind of content people are searching for
so that you can create content that targets this.
This also helps you create and rank on YouTube,
that is going to appear on Google.
Now, you're no longer required to create your own website
and try to rank utilizing the traditional method
but rather to leverage on authority sites like YouTube,
like Quora and siphon traffic visibility,
and reach off to either your own content on YouTube
or send people off to an opt in, if you choose to
or send them straight to your affiliate links.
Let me know in the chat below and comment.
What is your biggest takeaway?
How or if you are going to be applying these steps.
I'd love to hear from you and as always,
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