Tue. May 24th, 2022

The best affiliate networks have plenty of different offers and products for you to promote, whilst also paying a good rate of commission. Signing up to these networks should be straightforward, and payments should be automated and regular. Here are 10 of the best affiliate networks in 2018.

1. Shareasale

Shareasale is one of the largest affiliate networks and has been around since the year 2000. While a lot has changed in internet marketing since then, Shareasale have remained a constant, and now work with around 4,000 merchants across a multitude of different categories.

Whatever your site focuses on, there’s likely to be something for you on Shareasale.

Shareasale is well known for great customer support, meaning that even beginners should be able to be up and running swiftly and easily.

2. Clickbank

Like Shareasale, Clickbank has been around for a very long time – in fact, Clickbank started in 1998. Again covering many different categories, Clickbank focuses more on digital products, such as ebooks and training material, rather than physical products.

Well-known for high commissions, Clickbank also allows you to publish your own material to be sold by other affiliates. With a full suite of analytics tools, you can see where your traffic is coming from, how your campaigns are performing, and tweak everything to make it work in your favor.

3. Rakuten Linkshare

Another well-established affiliate network, Rakuten Linkshare may be the oldest of all, dating back to 1996 – however, it does not feature as many products as, for example, Shareasale.

In its favor, Linkshare is easy to sign up to, and takes a slightly different approach with advertisements. Many affiliate networks will require you to choose a banner advert for a particular product, and should you wish to change it, you’ll need to update the code on your own page. Linkshare includes dynamic ad rotation, keeping the advertising fresh and reducing the amount of work needed from the affiliate.

4. CJ Affiliate

Formerly known as Commission Junction, CJ Affiliate has been around since 1998 and allows affiliates to promote many thousands of different products and services. Commission rates are good, but it can be hard to become approved for some of the affiliate programs.

There are a good amount of analytics provided for you to analyze and improve your campaigns, and many different categories for you to take advantage of. Of note is the performance information given when signing up for a program, allowing you to decide if it is worth promoting a particular product – if there is no indicator of previous sales or interest, it may be a product to focus less on.

Whilst overall a great network, payments sometimes take longer than other networks, as they are only made after the merchant has first paid CJ Affiliate.

5. MaxBounty Affiliate Network

Compared to some, MaxBounty is the new kid on the block, having only been around since 2004. Promoting their network as the best for CPA, they offer bonuses for high-performing affiliates, and pay out commissions weekly.

Harder than some networks to be approved for, and not having as many merchants and products as others, it’s still worth the effort for the great commissions and bonuses.

6. Skimlinks

Skimlinks may be one of the easiest affiliate networks to use of all. Rather than looking for offers and links to promote, you just need to create a website with pages as normal, and include a little bit of custom code in the footer of your site.

The code scans your page, and any links you put on the site to a product is analyzed to see if the merchant is connected to the Skimlinks network. If they are, you’ll receive a commission when your visitors click the link and make a purchase.

Obviously, this requires that you include links to products within your content, but as you are interested in being an affiliate, this shouldn’t be a problem. Commission rates are lower than the top affiliate networks, but this has to be balanced against ease of use.

7. Tradedoubler

Tradedoubler, founded in 1999, has a strong presence throughout Europe. With more than 2,000 merchants on the network, there are products and offers for virtually anybody to access. With a focus on marketing and technological solutions, Tradedoubler aims to connect merchants, affiliates, and customers easily.

Good rates of commission and a long history make this a network worthy of investigation.

8. JVZoo

JVZoo has only been around since 2011, but has made a good name for itself in that short time. Making it easier for merchants to sell, and easy for affiliates to find products, a good commission rate seals the deal making JVZoo one to watch.

9. Amazon

If you haven’t heard of Amazon, you must have been living under a rock. One of the largest online retailers ever, Amazon sell pretty much anything. With their FBA program, companies and qualified individuals can sell their products through the Amazon site.

Why is this good for affiliates? Because the Amazon affiliate program allows you to link to any page or product on the entire Amazon site (or sites – different programs exist for each different site, including the UK and Japan) and receive a commission for any product sold via that link during the following 24 hours.

This means if you send a visitor to Amazon for a $10 hat and they end up buying a fridge a few hours later…you get the commission on whatever was in their shopping cart!

10. eBay

Another site you must have heard of, eBay have an affiliate system in place with links for products and categories. You can even include blocks on your site that automatically update with products your visitors might be interested in. A solid offering from a company you know, good rates of commission make it worthwhile – the only downside being the “sale” window can be shorter than the length of an auction, meaning you won’t necessarily gain a commission for every referral you make.network photo