Video Discussion with Adam & UF Professor Lisa Buyer on Analytics


I know readers here are a really busy group, but after 9 years of blogging consistently, then not publishing for several months some of you may have wondered what happened. Rest assured I’m fine and have no plans to stop sharing my ideas here.

After undergoing surgery at end of last year and recovery I took a brief break from some of my passion projects (writing and music). Reason being, these are really difficult to keep up with while also balancing work, personal life, investments on top of post surgery discomfort and recovery.

Anyway, as the year goes on I plan to work at re-discovering my blogging groove and take my own advice from my post in 2008 on integrating blogging into a busy life. After all, as I always have said, being metacognitive and sharing your ideas with the world through your medium of choice (words, video, podcasting, it’s all good) is one of the best thing you can do to keep your mind sharp.

With that, while I have some more in-depth posts to publish shortly, today I wanted to share a recent conversation I had via video with Lisa Buyer. Lisa teaches Social Media Management at UF, and our chat centered around digital analytics and how young people can enter our sector successfully. Check it out below, and see Lisa’s full post for more details on our conversation.

If this video does not render for you, view it on YouTube here.


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