Sun. May 22nd, 2022

It sucks to say no to a great public relations and marketing client. But it’s the most powerful thing you can do for your business.

This morning I had to write an email to really great company that will have a bright future and, hopefully, a great public relations and marketing campaign. The reason I said no is no indictment on them – they’re a fascinating group doing truly wonderful things – or indeed an indictment on myself. It was a choice that I made for the health of my great PR agency, for the great people who work for me and for my own mental health. Focusing on less is a good idea in PR and marketing, and that “less” may mean “one less client.”

The simplest way to put it – I didn’t think we could actually help them. This doesn’t mean we’d do nothing for them, or indeed that they’d even be that unhappy, but that it would never quite be enough for what their goals were. I would have trouble impressing more than a few reporters, my team and I would spend untold hours brainstorming trying to come up with a way – some way – to make them happy.

So today, I want you to start saying No.

Say No To Bad Clients

You know the feeling – you take the call thinking that maybe there’s something there. You run a great PR and marketing agency, you want to get a consistent flow of business – after all, you’re a profit-centered company, so you take these calls. You look at the product, and instead of that flash of brilliance you expect on the other end of the phone, your fears are confirmed – the product isn’t there yet. The CEO is dull. The industry is too new, and not particularly interesting. But nevertheless, you sign them, you pitch them and it sucks. Your workers are tired, you’re tired, it’s very tiring, and it ends badly. So – say no on that call, or say no soon after.

Say No To Rude Clients

I’ve had clients swear on calls with me, and that’s fine. I’ve had them swear in my general vicinity. I’ve had them swear at me, and that’s not great, and they’ll get an immediate talking to. This party’s over the moment they’re nasty – forget even needing to swear – to the people that work with me, and you should act the same way with your PR or marketing agency.

Rude clients also aren’t just directly rude – they’ll send you one word emails, or entire emails in the subject headlines, they’ll call or text you at 9PM and expect an immediate answer, and nothing you do is ever enough. I know it’s money, but kick them to the curb!

Say No To Bad Ideas

This is a strange one, but the next time your public relations or marketing client insists on a really, really bad idea, I’d like you to say no. Say “this isn’t going to work,” and have a good answer as to why. If the client doesn’t like it, that means you’ve got bigger problems, but the most successful public relations campaigns I’ve ever run have come from clients that would take constructive criticism. Be prepared to tell them if an idea’s stinky!

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